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Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

Falls of the Ohio: Where They Met, Departed, and Returned

44th Annual Meeting, Clarksville, Indiana, 2012

The 44th Annual Conference of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation was centered in Clarksville, Indiana, near the Falls of the Ohio. The event was hosted by the Ohio River Chapter.

In October 1803, at the Falls of the Ohio River, Lewis and Clark joined forces before setting off on their expedition to find a practical water route to the Pacific Ocean.  The co-captains returned to the Falls of the Ohio on November 5, 1806, before parting company to travel by separate routes to report to President Thomas Jefferson on the findings of their historic expedition.

In addition to a LCTHF Board meeting, a business meeting, a plenary session regarding trail stewardship grants, great talks, presentation of 2012 Foundation awards and delicious meals, several "field trips" were also a part of this annual gathering. These included a tour and reception at Jonathan Clark's home Trough Spring; a barbecue at Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Park, which included a visit to the nearby George Rogers Clark cabin site (both located just downstream from the Falls of the Ohio); a bus trip to George Rogers Clark National Historic Park and other historical sites along the way; and a tour of Locust Grove, home of William Clark’s sister Lucy, located in east Louisville.