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Annual Meetings Index

# Year Month/Day Location State Theme More
53rd 2022   Pittsburgh Pennsylvania    
52nd 2020   Charlottesville (virtual) Virginia    
51st 2019   St. Louis Missouri   More
50th 2018 Oct 7–10 Astoria Oregon Arrival at the Pacific: Object Achieved More
49th 2017 Jul 23–26 Billings Montana Clark on the Rochejhone Program
48th 2016 Jul 24–27 Harpers Ferry West Virginia Supplied for Survival: Meriwether Lewis at Harpers Ferry Program
47th 2015 Aug 1–5 Kansas City Missouri Across the Wide Missouri Program
46th 2014 Aug 3–6 Richland Washington The Great Columbia River Program
45th 2013 Jul 28–31 Bismarck North Dakota Enlightenment through Exploration Program
44th 2012 Jul 28–Aug 1 Clarksville Indiana Falls of the Ohio: Where They Met, Departed, and Returned WPO
43rd 2011 Jul 30–Aug 3 Omaha Nebraska First Encounters WPO
42nd 2010 Aug 1–4 Lewiston Idaho On the Trail in Nez Perce Country WPO
41st 2009 Oct 3–7 Olive Branch and Howenwald Missouri & Tennessee Courage Undaunted: The Final Journey WPO
40th 2008 Aug 3–6 Great Falls Montana Tracing the Journey: Maps as Metaphors WPO
39th 2007 Aug 5–7 Charlottesville Virginia Reporting Back to Jefferson WPO
38th 2006 Sep 17–23 St. Louis Missouri   WPO
37th 2005 Aug 7–19 Portland Oregon   WPO
36th 2004 Aug 4–7 Bismarck North Dakota Lewis and Clark Among the Canadians WPO
35th 2003 Aug 10–13 Philadelphia Pennsylvania The Quest for Knowledge: Lewis in Philadelphia WPO
34th 2002 Jul 28–31 Louisville Kentucky   WPO
33rd 2001 Aug 5–8 Pierre South Dakota Encounters on the Prairie WPO
32nd 2000 Aug 11–16 Dillon Montana Canoes to Horses WPO
31st 1999 Aug 1–4 Bismarck North Dakota Land of Sakakawea  
30th 1998 Jun 29–Jul 5 Great Falls Montana A Portage to History WPO
29th 1997 Jul 27–30 Stevenson Washington The Columbia Gorge: The Garden of the Lewis and Clark Expedition  
28th 1996 Aug 4–7 Sioux City Iowa On the Trail of Lewis and Clark  
27th 1995 Jul 30–Aug 2 Charlottesville Virginia It all Began with Jefferson  
26th 1994 Jul 31–Aug 3 Missoula Montana Westward Barriers  
25th 1993 Aug 1–4 Collinsville Illinois Return to the Beginning WPO
24th 1992 Aug 1–4 Vancouver Washington Land of the Chinook WPO
23rd 1991 Aug 4–7 Louisville Kentucky Kentucky's Contribution to the Lewis & Clark Expedition WPO
22nd 1990 Jul 29–Aug. 1 Lewiston Idaho Lewis and Clark in the Land of the Nez Perce WPO
21st 1989 Aug 3–7 Bozeman Montana Lewis and Clark at the Headwaters WPO
20th 1988 Aug 7–10 Bismarck North Dakota Lewis and Clark Among the Earth Lodge People WPO
19th 1987 Aug 2–5 Billings Montana Clark on the Yellowstone WPO
18th 1986 Aug 16–20 Portland Oregon   WPO
17th 1985 Aug 4–7 St. Louis Missouri   WPO
16th 1984 Aug 5–8 Great Falls Montana   WPO
15th 1983 Aug 7–10 Tri–Cities Washington   WPO
14th 1982 Aug 8–11 Philadelphia Pennsylvania   WPO
13th 1981 Aug 3–5 Helena Montana Traveling Meeting Tour WPO
12th 1980 Aug 20–22 Omaha Nebraska   WPO
11th 1979 Aug 12–15 Valley County Glasgow Montana   WPO
10th 1978 Aug 13–16 Vancouver Washington   WPO
9th 1977 Aug 14–17 St. Charles Missouri   WPO
8th 1976 Aug 15–18 Great Falls Montana   WPO
7th 1975 Aug 10–13 Bismarck North Dakota   WPO
6th 1974 Aug 11–15 Seaside Oregon   WPO
5th 1973 Aug 21–24 St. Louis Missouri    
4th 1972 Aug 9–11 Helena Montana    
3rd 1971 Aug 20–21 Sioux City Iowa    
2nd 1970 Nov 5–6 Bismarck North Dakota    
1st 1970 June 27 St. Charles Missouri Organizational Meeting