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Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

Awards Program

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Award Types

Distinguished Service Award
Recognizes a Foundation member who has made an outstanding contribution toward furthering the purpose and objectives of the Foundation.
Meritorious Achievement Award
Recognizes any person, organization, or agency for scholarly research or other significant contributions that bring to the nation a greater appreciation and awareness of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Region/Chapter Award
Recognizes a region or chapter that has shown exemplary or distinguished service or promotion of the Foundation on a state, local or national level; and/or has demonstrated or accomplished an activity of merit which benefits its members, their community and the mission of the Foundation."
Youth Achievement Award
Recognizes a person or group under the age of 21 who has increased the knowledge of others in the Lewis and Clark Expedition through outstanding composition, art, drama, photography, site preservation and enhancement or other significant contribution.
Appreciation Award
This award recognizes a person or organization for the gracious support (in deed, word, or funds) given to the Foundation and its endeavor to preserve and perpetuate the lasting historical worth of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Robert Betts Library and Archives Award
This award recognizes individuals or organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation’s William P. Sherman Library and Archives through monetary donations, material donations, or service to the library. It is named in honor of Robert Betts, a noted scholar and author of In Search of York.
Trail Stewardship Award
Recognizes outstanding contributions towards achieving the Foundation’s Trail Stewardship goals: leadership; trail stewardship techniques and programs; and trail stewardship support.

Past Recipients

Youth Achievement Award