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Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

2020 Silent Auction

The annual Silent Auction benefits the William P. Sherman Library and Archives held at the Great Falls office. This year's auction is in memory of Ella Mae Howard, an inspiring lady who helped create the Library many years ago. This Library is open to the public for their research needs, and is managed by a Library Technician to ensure that everything is handled appropriately for future generations to use. We understand that some of you may not be comfortable bidding on these items at this time. Most of these packages can be used anytime throughout the year, so do not be worried. If you do not see an item that you are interested in, but you still want to support the Library, please click the donate link, go to "One Time Donation", choose the "Annual Library Operations", and donate there. We appreciate any support you can provide at this time. Happy bidding!

Bidding opens August 2 at 5:00 PM MDT and ends August 8 at 8:00PM MDT. Instructions will be sent directly to participants via email.

Sonoran Desert Vacation

This 5 night stay with member Sue Buchel in her casita with room for two! This Arizona adventure will consist of two all-day off-highway tours of the area and the Organ Pipe Cactus National Park, but leaving time for you to explore on your own. Just hours from Tucson or Phoenix, this would be an incredible leisurely vacation.

Starting Bid: $250

pretty desert scene

Helena, MT Adventure

This Montana adventure brings you right downtown when you stay at the Double Tree by Hilton. From there, you can travel to the Masonic Temple to see Lewis' Masonic apron, to the Gates of the Mountains to be embraced by nature, and tour the Montana Historical Society all on one trip. After those fun days, the trip to Montana is what you can make of it!

Starting Bid: $200

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Miniature Library

A 1:12 scale Room Box depicting the "dream" library of a Lewis and Clark devotee created by Sue Buchel with one of Jefferson's inventions created by Mark Weekley, Trail Superintendent. A great addition to any devotee's current Lewis and Clark Library!

Starting Bid: $500

miniature model of a complete library room

Kansas City Getaway

This getaway is a great opportunity for two folks to get out and see the Kansas City area. This tour will be with LCTHF Life Member Jimmy Mohler as she drives you around to see Lewis and Clark sites. Or, if you have already checked that off your bucket list, Jimmy will bring you to a variety of other sites including Fort Leavenworth, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the National WWI Museum, or any of your other ideas too!

Starting Bid: $250

Limestone block building

Lake Pend Oreille Vacation

What a better way to escape then to go to a lake resort? Spend a week here and enjoy their sauna, jacuzzi, and indoor pool, while being only 25 miles from the Schweitzer ski resort. Skiing not for you? The Selkirk Mountains offer year-round recreational opportunities while Sandpoint is a fun little resort town filled with events, shopping areas, and live entertainment.

Available October 2020–May 2021 and October 2021–May 2022

Starting Bid: $600

Lakeside resorts and forested mountains

Gary Moulton Lecture

Win a lecture hosted by the prestigious Gary Moulton! Gary will travel to your Chapter meeting, organization's meeting, or public function and share his knowledge of the Lewis and Clark story. Generally, Gary would charge for travel, stay, and honoraria, but he has donated his time and travel for this auction!

Starting Bid: $1000

Gary Moulton on the Lewis and Clark Trail