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Keepers of the Story, Stewards of the Trail   SM

Protect the Trail

Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

We are dedicated to the promotion of an accurate and interesting telling of all stories of the Expedition and the time and context in which they occurred. Our programs encourage cultural awareness, protection of sacred sites, and preservation of the natural and historical resource along the trail.

Activities include:

  • Educate stakeholders as to the importance, relevance, and need for adequate funding and protection.
  • Educate stakeholders as to the importance and relevance of the Eastern Legacy pathways and advocate its approval by Congress.
  • Establish partnerships with those that oversee trail sites.
  • Ensure preservation of historic sites.
  • Encourage positive recreation ethics.
  • Maintain public access.
  • Preserve natural resources along the trail.
  • Increase youth awareness and involvement.
  • Assist chapters and others to identify sites and provide accurate interpretation.
  • Promote cultural diversity and tribal stewardship initiatives.
  • Encourage sustainability in all stewardship activities.
  • Provide documentation on the relevance and significance of historic sites.
  • Encourage dialogue about trail stewardship throughout the nation.