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Keepers of the Story, Stewards of the Trail   SM

Past Grant Awards


Type Chapter/Organization Grant/Project Name Amount
LCTSE Beaver County Historical Research and Landmarks Foundation Interpretive signage for the Lewis and Clark Trail in Allegheny County, PA $4,100
LCTSE Center for Archaeological Investigation at Southern Illinois University Archaeology and Public Outreach at Fort Kaskaskia, IL $5,000
LCTSE LCTHF National Office Funding for Forest Service Trail Stewardship Agreement, MT $990
LCTSE Lewis and Clark Society of America Reconstruction of Camp River Dubois, IL $3,340
LCTSE Missouri River Relief Connecting Communities to LCNHT, MO $2,500
LCTSE Mouth of the Platte Chapter Triumphant Return of the Lewis and Clark White Pirogue $3,000
LCTSE Lewis & Clark Foundation Children's Discovery Exhibit, Great Falls Airport, MT $5,000
LCTSE The Language Conservancy NHA Summer Institute 2018, ND $5,000
LCTSE Montana Wilderness Association Lewis and Clark Pass Interpretive Sign and Trail Maintenance, MT $2,210
LCTSE Travelers' Rest Preservation and Heritage Association Travelers' Rest Crossroads Interpretive Plaza $7,000
LCTSE Oregon Trails Preservation Trust Lewis and Clark Oregon Trails Partnership $5,000
MT Signs Fort Benton Community Improvement Association Lewis and Clark Botanical Garden signs $2,000
MT Signs Park County, Montana Riverfront Park and Meyers River View Trail signs na
Ed. Confluence Project Sandy River Delta, OR signage na
Ed. Sacajawea State Park, Washington Heritage Days Event na
    Total na


ID Chapter/Organization Grant/Project Name Amount
2017-01 Bitter Root Cultural Heritage Trust Descent Trail Interpretation $6,000
2017-02 Board of Trustees, Southern Illinois University Archaeology & Public Outreach at Ft. Kaskaskia, IL $7,432
2017-03 Crimson Bluff Chapter/LCTHF L&C Expedition Sites in Broadwater County, MT poster $3,642
2017-05 Philadelphia Chapter/LCTHF Lewis and Clark Down the Ohio River in 1803 brochure $6,100
2017-06 Illini Chapter/LCTHF 2017 Illinois Brochure Program (Go Adventuring L&C) $5,000
MT Signs Big Hole Valley Association

Trail Creek, Gibbons Pass, Lost Trail Pass, and Lemhi Pass sign replacement

MT Signs Bitter Root Cultural Heritage Trust Sula Ranger Ranger Station, Sula Overlook, and Nee-Mee-Poo Trailhead sign replacement $2,000
    Total $32,174


ID Chapter/Organization Grant/Project Name Amount
16-01 Badger State Chapter Alexander Hamilton Willard in Wisconsin $6,303
16-02 Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, MO Bureau of Land Management traveling exhibits, tent and hand out literature $7,500
16-03 MO KS River Bend Chapter 2016 Exploring the L&C Trail Program for KS, MO, and IL $7,500
16-04 MO River Basin Lewis and Clark Center Display Case for Mapping Instruments used by L&C to determine lat and long $1,000
16-05 National Smokejumpers Association Clearing the Cescent Trail, Lost Trail Pass $2,209
16-06 Ohio River Chapter L&C Eastern Legacy Uniform Sign System—Project Brochure & Acquisition of Additional Signs $6,900
16-07 Our Montana Yellowstone River Interpretive Map Project $5,900
16-08 Rochejone Chapter Clark's Canoe Camp Discovery $7,500
16-09 Rochejone Chapter Canoe Camp Interpretive Sign $2,000
16-10 Salmon Valley Stewardship Discovery Hill Stewardship and Education Project $6,500
16-11 WA County Historical Association (NE) Museum Display of L&C's First Meeting of the Otoe and Missouria, the council on the bluff $3,200
    Total $56,512


ID Chapter/Organization Grant/Project Name Amount
15-01 $0,0000
15-03 Confluence Project (Maya Lin) Refinishing two Cape Disappointment art installations $1,000
  Friends of the Missouri Breaks Monument Enhancing visitor experiences on the Lewis and Clark Trail $2500
  Friends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge    


ID Chapter/Organization Grant/Project Name State Amount
14-02 Carolina Chapter Fort Southwest Point's Link to L&C Expedition; Interpretive Signs NC $7,500
14-03 Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Traveling Trunk; Program Support WA $1,000
14-05 Headwaters Chapter Missouri Headwaters State Park Interpretive Relief Map Project; Interpretive Sign MT $7,500
14-06 Idaho Chapter Lolo Trail Volunteer Maintenance; Trail Work ID $5,000
14-08 L & C Fort Mandan Foundation Public Education and Interpretation ND/SD; Trail/Tourism Marketing ND $7,500
14-11 Manitou Bluffs Chapter Media Projects for Education; Website/Programs SD $3,545
14-12 MRB Lewis & Clark Interp. Center Navigating the Missouri River in 1804; Exhibitry Software Development NB $4,000
14-14 Natchez Trace Parkway Association Meriwether Lewis Media Interpretation; Smartphone Applications TN $6,000
14-15 Ohio River Chapter Marking of the Ohio River Corridor Signing WV $7,500
14-17 Rochejhone Chapter Clark Canoe Camp Archeology MT $2,600
Total $52,145.00


ID Chapter/Organization Title State Amount
13-01 California Chapter Bilingual English-Spanish children's book and bilingual school and library presentations CA $4,125.00
13-03 California Chapter Education along the Trail: A joint project of the CA Chapter and the Roosevelt Country Library, Wolf Point, MT MT $2,729.00
13-04 Encounters on the Prairie Chapter Post-flood sign replacement SD $1,000.00
13-05 Greater Metro St. Louis Chapter New exhibit: a bull boat made on the Crow Reservation IL $1,875.00
13-06 Home Front Chapter Relocating and interpreting the keelboat and pirouges VA $7,500.00
13-07 Jefferson River Canoe Trail Chapter Jefferson River ownership map MT $1,320.00
13-08 Missouri-Kansas Riverbend Chapter Independence Creek flood repair, repair trail, earth lodge, interpretation, amenities KS $3,000.00
13-09 Missouri-Kansas Riverbend Chapter L&C Park at Kaw Point permanent redoubt construction project KS $5,200.00
13-10 Mouth of the Platte Chapter Lewis and Clark Family Days IA $5,400.00
13-11 Mouth of the Platte Chapter Nebraska City interpretive sign NB $3,000.00
13-14 Portage Route Chapter West Bank Interpretive sign update MT $7,200.00
13-15 Travelers Rest Chapter Travelers Rest Expansion MT $7,500.00
Total $48,849.00


ID Organization Title State Amount
2011-01 California Chapter Roosevelt Co. Library, MT MT/CA $3,700.00
2011-02 Crest of the Rockies Chapter Phase I - Jean B. Charbonneau USA $500.00
2011-03 Encounters on the Prairie Chapter Post-flood Sign Replacement SD $500.00
2011-04 Geo. Drouillard Chapter /Cape Girardeau Post-flood Murals/Sign Repaire MO $4,000.00
2011-05 Greater Metro St. Louis Chapter Post-flood Restoration/Path/Re-plating/Signage MO $2,600.00
2011-06 Home Front Chapter/Charlottesville Learning Landscape "Educational Landscapes" VA $4,000.00
2011-07 Jefferson River Canoe Trail Chapter Canoe Trail Brochure MT $750.00
2011-08 Manitou Bluffs Chapter/Jefferson City Mid-MO Trail Maintenance MO $2,800.00
2011-09 Missouri-Kansas Riverbend Web streaming camera/Bldg. Preservation at Kaw Point MO $3,000.00
2011-10 Missouri-Kansas Riverbend Chapter Seven sites video & booklet MO $1,200.00
2011-11 National Capital Chapter Lewis & Clark the Frederick, MD Connection MD $4950.00
2011-12 Ohio River Chapter Big Bone Lick L&C Signs OH $900.00
2011-13 Ohio River Chapter Keelboat Replica IN $5,000.00
2012-14 Oregon Chapter Signs for Nchaqwli Village OR $5,000.00
2011-15 Oregon Chapter Columbia River Map OR/WA $500.00
2011-16 Philadelphia Chapter Two Philadelphia Brochures PA $5,000.00
2011-17 Rochejhone Chapter/Billings Clark Canoe Camp Archeology MT $5,000.00
2011-18 Sgt. Floyd Tri-State Chapter Flag Replacement/Floyd Monument IA $500.00
2011-19 Sgt. Floyd Tri-State Chapter Flood repairs, Visitor/Ed. Center, Onawa, IA IA $500.00
2011-20 Washington State Chapter Dismal Nitch Native Plants WA $500.00
Total $53,400.00