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Watch for announcements on significant happenings in the Lewis and Clark world, not just within the Foundation family.  If you have information on discoveries, just-released publications or electronic media, noteworthy accomplishments by individuals, dedications of art installations, naming of streets or geographic features for members of the Corps of Discovery, deaths of persons who have made a difference in the Foundation, or other late-breaking news, we would like to hear about it.

Please email our coordinator of content at  web site admin.  Our coordinator will make the final decision on appropriateness and may make changes to your submittal ... but you will have a say in the final version.  Submission of photos (.jpeg format) is encouraged but please make sure persons are identified and have given permission for their image to be posted on the Internet.

Upcoming Symposium on

the Significance of the War of 1812

Captain Clark’s Descendants Make Amends and Return Stolen Canoe

Lewis and Clark Day in Frederick, Maryland, September 24, 2011

Lewis and Clark time capsule

Gallatin Field's airport director, Brian Sprenger, covers a collection of items assembled by the Headwaters Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation that will be stored in the basement of the new airport until 2085.

Speakers Forum at Fort Clatsop

Spring 2013 Schedule